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Our line of desks are Designed to Fit Tall People.


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Below please find a brief introduction to our DFTP line



Designing the desk to fit the user. Proper height design is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability.

Professional athletes such as basketball players benefit from our “Tall Friendly Desks” why shouldn’t you?


We’ve heard complaints from tall customers that during their searches to find quality desks they were amazed at the poor craftsmanship. Desks that are mass produced, modular and adjustable desk not adjusting high enough or of metal frames. Unable to find executive desks of quality that are free of particle board.


A person with disabilities can feel cramped using an ill fitted desk and would benefit from a proper fitting desk with wider entrance fitting the width of the wheelchair and the height of the armrests.

Wheelchair users are also finding the DFTP line to be useful for the same reasons.
(See photo)

Puddle Town Woodworking designs and fabricates desks to fit the needs of Tall People.

We have a profile of desks available.

DFTP can be custom ordered. Have a unique design in mind? We can do it!


We accept that customers will still have some unique requirements. We are happy to work with you to custom design and manufacture exactly what you need.

You will know that having a DFTP will be of heirloom quality. Dovetail drawers using under mount slides. Absolutely no particle board is used and our desk line is formaldehyde free. Superior craftsmanship, high quality materials and unparalleled service!

We can offer contrasting edge/top combinations and inlays with all of our solid tops.


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  Your ideal desk height

Ideal work surface height is dependent upon your height, the tasks you perform, and the equipment and tools you use. Your most comfortable working height is at or around elbow height. You should be able to maintain a forearm-to-upper arm angle between 70 degrees and 135 degrees.

If your task requires some upper arm force, your work surface should be below elbow height (e.g. stapling, stamping, packing). If fine visual attention is needed, the surface should be higher (e.g. graphic, copy editing of fine type). Generally, computer users performing intensive word processing prefer lower desks - sometimes below elbow height, and those performing computer graphics and page layout activities prefer higher desks. Most people prefer a slightly higher surface for writing, and a slightly lower surface for keying.

Most work surfaces are a standard 28" to 30", a good sitting height for most people between 5'8" and 5'10" tall. If you are taller or shorter, be prepared to change your work surface height.


Use a conventional ergonomic chair or a saddle chair when ...

  • Your work is light.

  • Your work is within a comfortable arm reach envelope (within 38 cm or 15” of your body’s center).

  • Your work is within a comfortable field of vision (less than 64 cm or 25” from the eyes).

  • Your work is prolonged and offers little postural variation



Important notes about veneers and hardwood timbers

We use solid hardwoods and wood veneers whose varying grain and figure emphasise the natural beauty and individuality of the wood. No two pieces of timber are identical, and there will be natural variations in hue, grain and figure, and both knots and coloring arising from natural minerals in the wood. None of these variations or features are faults: they are simply proof of the natural origin of the product. Please note that most timbers and veneers either lighten or darken on exposure to light.

Essentially the wood choices for your custom desk are endless. Each of us has our favorites, but we can make anything out any kind of wood! Give us a call and one of our professional woodworkers will guide you through this selection process.


Yes, you can actually talk to a real person! We are not an “Internet company” with a shopping cart on our site. Our desks are “made to order” with many different options and styles. Our products will require some consultation to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. The best way to contact us is by phone so our customer service representatives can better understand your design criteria, budget, timeframe, and vision for your particular project. We also respond quickly to email inquiries. Please provide us with your name, phone number and other contact information in case there are follow up questions.

Puddle Town Woodworking is here to help you get exactly what you want! We have provided many professionals and homeowners with some of the finest American handcrafted desks anywhere. Unlike a standard gallery, showroom or Internet company, we specialize in custom made desks and understand the challenges associated with incorporating handcrafted art into your home or business. Our customer service representatives have the design experience and technical knowledge necessary to ensure that your project is a complete success!

Customer Care & Service

Every project has its own unique requirements. You want your custom desk to be yours and yours alone and our professional representatives have the know-how and expertise to turn your vision into reality.

Here's How It Works:

We will ask you a few questions about your preferences such as wood types and finishes.

If you are interested in having us make something custom for you, we will gather all the information required for an estimate and will provide it to you within a couple of days.
If our proposal is accepted, we collect a 50% deposit and will get started!
Upon completion, we will collect the balance and will ship your desk to you the most economical way.
All of our desks are fully warrantied, of museum quality, and is guaranteed to last a lifetime….. and beyond.

We look forward to your call!

Delivery Schedule
Lead times will vary depending on our schedule at the time of your order, and on the complexity of your piece. If you have a particular deadline to meet, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Shipping & Handling
Freight charges will vary for each item depending on the piece. Desk items will be shipped by Common Carrier - either blanket wrapped or crated. Commissioned works will have all shipping and handling costs detailed in your proposal with any additional costs for special packaging noted as well. (FREE local delivery within the Portland, Oregon Metro area)

Cancellation Policy
In the event that an order must be cancelled, you should call us immediately at 1.503.313.5722, followed up by an e-mail to stating the reason for the cancellation. If your order has already been processed, which can sometimes happen immediately after you place your order, you will be charged a 4% transaction fee. If your order has already entered the fabrication process, it cannot be cancelled and is subject to the terms outlined in our return policy. If your order is custom and has already entered the manufacturing process, it cannot be cancelled, nor can it be returned.

Return Policy
At Puddle Town Woodworking, we want you 100% satisfied. Commissioned or “made-to-order” items cannot be returned.

Products Damaged In Shipment
Please inspect your desk for damage before signing the shipping documents. Notify us immediately at 1.503.313.5722 of any damage to your desk upon receipt and we will instruct you as to how to proceed. Please keep all packaging materials until a resolution is reached. (FREE local delivery within the Portland, Oregon Metro area)

Our custom desks carries a one year product failure warranty from the date of arrival. This warranty assumes use for which the item is intended and does not cover average wear and tear. Note that wood is a natural material and is subject to incremental expansion and contraction, which is entirely normal.